Hello and welcome to SimpliBee. This is me… in digital form. It’s the place I bring together whatever touches my heart enough to bring me out of my shell. I’m not here to teach or sell you anything. I simply offer an opportunity to reflect on what touches your own heart and brings you joy in this fast and often furious world we live in.

So consider this your index to an eclectic mix of offerings. I hope you’ll stay awhile and enjoy exploring further. And if you haven’t yet visited my Welcome page, please do – there’s a blessing there… a personal gift from me to you.

Personal Reflections
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“In every out-thrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.”

~ Rachel Carson ~

Personal Reflections

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Life can be beautiful, especially when we seek it out. And, it also brings many challenges. I believe remaining open and responsive to both is the key to genuine happiness. Sharing from the heart in both joyful and challenging times enables us to connect with each other at a deep level and paves the way for greater understanding, tolerance and unity in the world.

This is my mission here. SimpliBee is all about simply being at peace, with yourself and with the world. The reflections I share are offered with heartfelt gratitude for the abundance in my life.


~ Latest Posts ~

Inspiration comes in many forms and touches each one of us differently. I believe it is the connections we have with each other, with nature and with our own sense of divinity that enriches and brings the greatest value and purpose to life.

In this section I share the things I receive from others that have uplifted and inspired me in the hope that they bring you equal joy and value.

“The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~

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Gifts & Resources

Wisdom comes with experience and experience comes through a willingness to fully embrace whatever comes our way. Everything is a gift.

The links below are my gifts to you in offering opportunities to connect and deepen your engagement with life, open your heart to new possibilities and strengthen your capacity to deal with challenges.


~ Sharing & Caring ~

The Path To Love

Love isn’t just an emotion, it’s the essence of who we are, and it exists in all our relationships… with each other… ourselves… and the divine spirit within, and all around us. Each one of us came into this world with innocence and wonder in our hearts and I believe that it remains with us throughout our lives, along with a natural desire to give and receive love.

When we take the time to look deeply within and seek out the beautiful qualities in each other we often discover that even the people we find most challenging bring tremendous value to our lives.

It takes courage, dedication and a willingness to be vulnerable to reconnect with this essential essence, and it’s often easier to find a way back to love when there is someone with you to hold your hand when fear and doubt set in.

Sometimes it takes deep inner work which requires professional support, and sometimes we just need a guardian angel to remind us who we truly are. I’m not claiming to be an angel, but I hope I can offer some guidance and support with the little gifts I offer here. Select the links above for further details.

May peace, joy and abundance be with you every step of the way.