Artwork by Sarah Teoh

This week has been pure bliss for me. I have relaxed deeply into my heart and am fully in ‘flow’ completely focussed on the creative act that most fulfils me. Which is a good clear out, reorganizing, and make-over project. Not in my physical home (though I do find that equally fulfilling), but here in my digital home SimpliBee. By traditional standards, I don’t consider myself an artist. That was pushed down by my art teachers at school and has not yet recovered. My art comes through differently and I am a strong advocate for that uniqueness being celebrated in everyone.

Which is why I want to honour Sarah Teoh. She is the artist responsible for the images below that you will see throughout this website. I came across her art in Pixabay when I was looking for something else, and bookmarked it because I knew one day I would want to include it somewhere. In creating a new theme for this website I returned to her profile and have been delighted to find exactly what I am looking for. Thank you Sarah for empowering my creativity.

If you also love Sarah’s work, you may enjoy following her on Instagram:

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