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The verse I received from Julia Fehrenbacher this week was so beautiful, raw and honest I just had to share it HERE with you before including our responses to her writing prompt.

It arrived in a week when I had already experienced some beautiful connections with friends, witnessed their warmth and their beautiful ‘unfolding’ self-awareness. The response to all this shone through in my own words, so much so that I sent a copy to Julia with my heartfelt gratitude. Her response to this and subsequent messages between us inform me that her humble words are an honest reflection of her caring nature.

~ Details about the writing course that birthed these words are included below. ~

Written by Me

I feel the most joy when I witness your unfolding beauty
You, my dear ones, my friends, my relations
My fellow travellers along this lonely road.

When I witness your becoming,
Your ever willingness to reach out
Beyond the confines of self
Into the hearts of one another.
My heart soars beyond delight

In you, my dear ones, I witness our oneness
Our ebb and flow, our ups and downs
Our eternal desire to bring out the best
In ourselves and each other.

Your discoveries, your joys and your sorrows
Are all mine. In witnessing you I witness myself
I witness God, Divine Mother, Father, 
Sister Brother, Lover and Friend.
I witness our ever unfolding and our
Every desire to fulfil our destiny.

To share the fruits of this earth
To rejoice in the magnificence of creation
To travel beyond the stars, beyond
The universe forever reaching out
In creative unity to envelope 
This mystery we call life.

In you I find joy beyond measure.
Written by Gary

I feel the most joy when I take time away from the distractions of life
Feel the sun on my face
Connect with nature
Do something good in the world

There is always time
To take a moment
And connect with the eternal

The beauty being that
The brief experience of completeness is expansive
And so wonderful, it lasts
It nourishes and gives hope

So whatever is done, is carried out without concern
Without end goal or negative emotion
And with that, any task is finished
Without the thought of hardship
Dislike or anxiety

This simple lesson is to be carried into the world
Shared and shown
So that others may get their opportunity
To see a piece of heaven
In simple worldly endeavours

Breathe, relax

What is your life about anyway?
Nothing but being you

Live the experience and not the expectation

BREATHE with Julia Fehrenbacher

I am following a writing course with a group of friends in which we receive a beautiful verse written by Julia Fehrenbacher, along with her writing prompt, suggestions for preparation and going deeper and an affirmation or mantra to carry with us through the week. It is truly inspirational.

Gary and I have made a commitment to share and publish each other’s writing on our websites. It often feels vulnerable to release this raw material to the world, but in doing so I hope to encourage you to free your creative spirit and see where it takes you.

Gary’s website: https://sites.google.com/view/gary-dean-breathe/home

For information about Julia’s writing courses visit: https://www.juliafehrenbacher.com/

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